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WE returned to the place where we had left
our old men and women, and there we
spent several weeks, curing our meat and buffalo
robes, and making pemmican for the winter. Our
men cut off the best part of the buffaloes, the
breasts, and packed them back to camp and passed
it around among the old people,, as was the custom
in those days. We had a big feast of our favourite
dish in those days: buffalo brains and kidneys.
We ate most of our meat raw, and if we cooked it,
we cooked it very little—usually on the end of a

Always when we had been eating plenty of
fresh buffalo meat we would have a craving for
some saskatoon-berries—our only fruit—or wild
turnips, which might be said to have been the only
vegetable we knew, except the small, marble-
sized wild potato, which we rarely secured from
the interior plateaux of the Northern Rockies.
When we were on the prairies in summer^ away